Association Documents

Association Documents

ACH-Draft Form

ARC Request Form

Articles of Incorporation

Declaration of CCR

Parking Policy

PPHOA Pool Policy

PPHOA Pool Release and Waiver

The three approved bushes

Towing and Booting Ordinance

HOA Members Minutes and Agenda

HOA Members Annual Meeting Jan. 2021

HOA Members Annual Meeting Jan. 2020

HOA Members Meeting—April 16, 2019

HOA Members Meeting—September 12, 2018

September2018 Agenda

Tow Reimbursement Request Form

Prosperity Place Tow Reimbursement Request

Please fill out the Tow Refund Request in its entirety and email it back to Please ensure subject line of your email reads PROSPERITY PLACE REFUND REQUEST. Please allow up to 5 days for a decision and HOA will NOT reimburse storage fees.